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Here is a list of some of the major items I have been searching for. My current main focus is on Original Vintage (pre 1967) Disney works. I mainly focus on films from the 1920's - 1940's. I am also seeking out other non-Disney artworks that have also had a historical impact on the film production industry.

Please feel free to view my wishlist and contact me if you may have a lead or know of something similar to what I am looking for. Please note that I have to be extremely picky since many of these items are really high ticket items, and may not always buy the artwork if they do not meet certain criteria (ie conditions, trims, coloring, expressions, etc).

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Disney (1928 - 1960) Animated Shorts - Original Vintage Production Art

1933 Ye Olden Days - This I probably cannot afford (ever), but it does not hurt to try. Looking for a perfect Black and White Mickey and Minnie cel. Will Give Kidney
Mickey's Good Deed 1931 - This is one of the biggest wishlists I have of Mickey mouse from this exact sequence. Will Give Kidney
Disney (1929 - 1939) Silly Symphonies - Original Vintage Production Art

Original production set-up of the male and female trees with original background from Flowers and Trees (1932) Will Give Kidney
1938 Little Hiawatha - Would LOVE to have this exact shot! High

Eva Unit 1 Pan cel High
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha

Yokai Sesshoumaru - MUST HAVE! Will Give Kidney

Original Sketch Painting High
Cinderella with Prince High
Fantasia Centaurette - Looking for the perfect one with original master background. High
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Original 1937 Cel Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is one of the Disney cels on the very top of my list. Looking for a gorgeous shot of Snow White dancing with the dwarfs. Will Give Kidney
Prince Charming kissing Snow White - Yeah, I can probably forget ever finding this one without having to give both my kidneys and a few more of my friends after getting them drunk enough! HA! Will Give Kidney

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