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Disney (1951) Alice in Wonderland - Original Vintage Production Art

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"Alice in Wonderland" is a Walt Disney feature length film based off of Lewis Carroll's book 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'. It made its first debut in New York City and London on July 26, 1951. Alice was voiced by Kathryn Beaumont and Ed Wynn as The Mad Hatter

Walt Disney had a distinct fondness for the Alice book series and had worked on a previous series 28 years prior to this movie's debut before he created Walt Disney Studios. In 1923, he worked for a company called Laugh-O-Gram studio where he participated in the production of the series "Alice's Wonderland" featuring Virginia Davis as Alice (a live action girl) as she interacts with animation. Walt's idea of a feature length animated film of Alice in Wonderland was put on hiatus until 1938, after the immense success of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). In 1945, he began the production of Alice in Wonderland.

One key figure that made a huge contribution to the production and design of this film was Mary Blair. Mary Blair was a background and color stylist that began work on the film in 1945. Her use of bright and 'unrealistic' coloration in the design of the characters and scene captured the more musical and animated aspect of Lewis Carroll's book. Walt Disney originally toyed with the idea of producing the animated film using a Live Action Alice as she interacts with the animation similar to the Alice Comedies that he worked on in the 1920s. However, the idea was scrapped and changed to full animation due to his interest in capturing the original appeal of Lewis Carroll's books.

All pieces are original vintage production cels from Walt Disney's 1951 film "Alice in Wonderland". There are no reproductions, limited editions, or sericels. All of my artwork is 100% original production.

 Original 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland David Hall Concept Painting Mad Hatter and the Hare

 Original 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland Mary Blair Concept Painting

 Original 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland Production Cel - Mickey Mouse - Caterpillar and Dogerpillar

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