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Winsor McCay (1914) Gertie the Dinosaur - Original Vintage Production Art

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"Gertie the Dinosaur" is one of the earliest animated films in the United States history made in 1914 by Winsor McCay, an American cartoonist and animator. Even though Gertie is one of the most widely recognized early animation films, the first hand drawn animated film to have ever been produced is called "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces" (1906) by J. Stuart Blackton, which featured a cartoonist drawing faces on a chalkboard, and the faces apparently coming to life. Gertie the Dinosaur was one of the first films to feature a character with a personality that was very appealing to the audience, which is also marked as the predecessor to the development of Walt Disney and Max Fleischer during the 1920's.

Another very significant milestones to note about "Gertie the Dinosaur" is it was the first film to combine live action with hand drawn animation. As you view the video in the above link on Youtube, you will notice the last part of the film where McCay walked out behind the projection, and was lifted onto Gertie's back as he rides away on Gertie. This was one of the first and biggest special effects of animation of its time. In addition, Gertie the Dinosaur was ranked as #6 of "The 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time" in a 1994 survey by Jerry Beck.

All pieces are original vintage production cels from Winsor McCay's 1914 film "Gertie the Dinosaur". There are no reproductions, limited editions, or sericels. All of my artwork is 100% original production.

 Original 1914 Winsor McCay Drawing - Gertie the Dinosaur with Jumbo the Mastodon

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