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Fleischer Studios (1930-1939) Betty Boop - Original Vintage Production Art

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Betty Boop is an iconic female character in animation history produced by Max Fleischer, and animated by Key designer Grim Natwick. She made her first debut on August 9, 1930 on the Talkatoon short, "Dizzy Dishes", where she was originally designed as a French poodle. She was later redesigned as the iconic human character in 1932 when she was featured in the short "Any Rags". She was voiced by several female voice actors of the time, with Mae Questel being the most famous and longest voice for Betty from 1933 until her death in 1998.

Betty Boop was regarded as one of first and most famous sex symbols of the animated screen. Films featuring Betty Boop were intended for adult audiences, in contrast to general public beliefs of cartoons being intended for young audiences. Betty Boop was a symbol of the "Roaring Twenties", where The Jazz age started, women became more rebellious, and during the era of the Depression. Betty Boop films contained several sexual inuendos and psychological elements. One of the most famous shorts that displayed these elements was Talkartoon's Minnie the Moocher, featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra.

Betty Boop was not only a symbol of sexualism, but also symbolized women's rights before the movement for women's equality even began. Films of Betty reflected political views of the era, one famous short being "Betty Boop for President", which not only discussed some politics during the era, but also implied the idea of a strong female leading a country.

Here is the very first episode debuting Betty Boop, "Dizzy Dishes" 1930.

All of these pieces are original vintage production cels from the 1930's series "Betty Boop". There are no reproductions, limited editions, or sericels. All of my artwork is 100% original.

In order to view more detailed information of each individual piece, click on each image link..

 Original 1934 Fleischer Studios Cel "Poor Cinderella" - Betty Boop in Ball Gown

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