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Disney (1928 - 1960) Animated Shorts - Original Vintage Production Art

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Original 1936 Disney Cel Mickey and Minnie Dancing with Original Background
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Oversize, 42W x 10.5H

Original Unmatching Background

Added 1/8/2019
Updated 1/8/2019
This is an absolutely stunning and rare piece of Mickey and Minnie who are found together on a single cel dancing together. After heavy research and consultation with a vintage animation art specialist, the piece had likely come from a "Newsreel". Back in the day of movies in the 1930's, everything was played on nitrate-based reels in the cinemas. This also included playing a separate reel prior to the feature film (this is where you get to see all the preview trailers for upcoming movies). This cel was most likely made as an advertisement for the new color film of Mickey mouse. The coloration and sequence were 'similar' to Mickey's Rival that debuted in 1936. However, this piece in particular was suspected to even predate Mickey's Band Concert that came out in 1935. During this time period, Walt Disney was advertising his latest technicolor technology. Additionally, this piece was likely used from a previous black and white Mickey cartoon during the early 1930's where he was with Minnie, and they reused it and painted it with color to advertise their technicolor films that were debuting. Pretty nifty find!

The background featured here with the cel is a beautiful hand painted panorama background (42" long) from the 1940 cartoon "Mr. Duck Steps Out."

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