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Disney (1929 - 1939) Silly Symphonies - Original Vintage Production Art

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Original 1934 Disney Cel Donald Duck and Peter Pig - The Wise Little Hen
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Oversize, 19W x 10H

Key Cel
Original Unmatching Background

Added 8/10/2014
Updated 1/8/2019
Now, here is an amazing and super rare find! The first Donald Duck cel from his landmark debut feature! An original production cel of Donald Duck fighting with Peter Pig from the short, "The Wise Little Hen." This cel is one of the only cels of the first debut of Donald Duck on the silver screen that was actually used in the production of this short. This short was also from the Silly Symphonies Series before Disney decided to have Donald Duck branch off to make his own special series like Mickey Mouse. He was brought to the screen by director Wilfred Jackson on June 9, 1934.

The background is an original background from "Donald's Garden" that came out in 1942.

In this short, Donald and Peter Pig, pretend to have stomach pains in order to get out of helping the hen with chores, and are shown fighting over a dinner basket brought to them by the Hen; the basket turns out to hold a bottle of Castor Oil! The cel shown comes in at approximately 6:30 minutes into the short.

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